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Monday, August 21, 2017

from River Blades is injured (Sprained Right Knee) and is out for 6 days.
from Hitmen is injured from Exhaustion.
from Buzz is injured from Exhaustion.
from Lynx is injured from Exhaustion.
from Aces is injured (Head) and is out for 1 week.
from Aces is injured from Exhaustion.
from Admirals is injured (Bruised Right Shoulder) and is out for 2 days.
from Senators is injured (Strained Left Knee) and is out for 1 week.
from Knights is injured from Exhaustion.
from Thrashers is injured (Torn Left Knee Ligaments) and is out for 1 week.
from Thrashers is injured from Exhaustion.
from Aviators is injured (Upper Body) and is out for 3 days.
from Aviators is injured from Exhaustion.
from Flyers is injured (Sports Hernia) and is out for 3 days.
from Reign is injured from Exhaustion.
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Rebels show interest from waiver.
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August 21, 2017 5:45am
Terry Murray Holds Fort During Holidays
70GP 35W 27L 8T 78PTS

GM Lada went on a 2 week holiday, leaving coach Terry Murray behind the bench to keep the club moving forward towards the playoffs. "He did not let me down, as I had hoped", said GM Lada.

Going 7-3 during that span, the club climbed within a point of the Las Vegas club and hold a game in hand. We could see this team hitting #1 before the seasons end. But it came with a big price. Three injuries to key players.

C Milan Kostolny- Out with a severe knee injury which could see him miss part of the playoffs.
LW Lenni Houkonen- Broken index finger, should be back in a few games.
LW Shane McGregor- Sprained right finger, could miss a week or two.

While the club has performed great with fillers for these players, they will be needed come playoff time if this team is to compete.

The acquisition of C Peter Brady has so far paid off as he has 4G 7A and is +2 rated after playing 20 games.

All in all, this team has some GEL going on. Both superstars RW Bill Maguire and C David Bernier are showing they can be a top rated pair in the league, as the other lines stick to the plan and keep the other teams off the score sheet.

With but a dozen games remaining, it's still open in the Haley Conference for a playoff spot. No one is guaranteed a position yet, and things could change in a blink of an eye. These final games will be the toughest. But the Knucklers have held firm a top of the Conference and are not stopping to acquire the top position.

Coach Terry Murray, " GM Lada has built a solid club, we've got some great talent out there that can do damage every game. The guys feel good, and despite a few injuries, the changes we've had to make have been positive".

It's going to be a horse race in the Haley Conference, and if teams like the Pith (Sith) can get the gears moving again, any team could still find themselves in playoff contention. Lets hope the Knucklers club is up for the task.

I'm Justin Thyme reporting.... when it's not your time, it's not your time.
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