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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

from Bulls is injured (Sprained Right Finger) and is out for 3 weeks.
from Bulls is injured (Abdomen/Ribs) and is out for 2 weeks.
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D - 76 OV
$200,000 (1)
G - 81 OV
$2,330,000 (1)
G - 79 OV
$950,000 (1)
G - 80 OV
$502,000 (2)
C - 82 OV
$818,000 (3)
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Upcoming Games - Day 15 of 21
(8-2-0, 16 pts)
M. Major 21 P
R. Caldwell 8 G
M. Major 15 A
(4-0-0, 8 pts)
(8-5-0, 16 pts)
(4-0-0, 8 pts)
May 20, 2016 10:30pm
The Hive is Buzzing
With the Stingers getting out of that gawd awful city of Chicago, they are ready to move in to the Hive..
the Surrey Stingers are ready to make Surrey the home they have always wanted.....The G.M. as stated there will big big changes next season, starting with the ufa market..." we are all in ".....and a number of players they plan on trading....keep tuned.....good luck to all in the playoffs...and thanks to steff for his badass anhs league

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