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April 22, 2017 8:45am
Trade resume part two!
Lot of trade in St-Louis in this off-season there's a update for the last trade :

First trade has been made with the Vancouver Sith. Lance Roberts and Ted McCaskill goes to Vancouver in return the Blues are taking back a young D-man with good offense and defense skill Jules-Pierre Hardy. Every team in theleague knows Roberts will be move and the Blues looking for a young d-man. With Hardy we've got exactlly what we looking for. McCaskil was not in plan of the team since two year with is lack of defense skill.

Second Trade with the Trashers, they looking for a good LW and they want Ondrus and Blues still looking for young talent then Atlanta tell us Hartis can move, with few discussion we make a deal Ondrus and Vellucci for Demtrius Hartis, Randy Keith and 1st pick Edmonton Y24. Thatwas a good trade for both team Blues are in reconstruction with young player and Trashers want win now. Hartis can make good pass and can move the puck well, Keith can make a good first pass but maybe some improvement to do in defense will see it in Augusta.

Third trade was a quick one with the Rink Rats Antton Palkimo leave Blues and the young center Hilton Sueda come to st-Louis hi potential player with good handling and good shooting.

Fourth trade was made with the DG Marion, after 10 e-mail a a phone call both team finally make a deal, not easy to deal with Marion! THe Blues trade his 1st pick 25 to Toronto for Bobby Butera and a 4th pick Y24 toronto. Butera was in the target of DG since the free agent, finally Toronto sign him in the last day so Hurtubise send a mail to get this young RW Butera will complete a good RW in St-Louis and he will see lots of ice time with is ofensive skill.

Now with the pre-season starting we will se which player will make the pro team and the one will go with Augusta. Lots of player still availble in Blues team, we will see if other move will be made by the GM.
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