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Wednesday, December 13, 2017 9:58 pm

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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

TRADE : From Thrashers to Rink Rats : Brett Draney (81), Darren Smith (89).
TRADE : From Rink Rats to Thrashers : Alexi Hogbacka (75), Sonny Boggus (75), Y:26-RND:2-KNO.
TRADE : From Flyers to Rebels : Semyon Funker (77).
TRADE : From Rebels to Flyers : Tyler Doig (78).
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December 13, 2017 5:20pm
Spotlight on Sens' ''YoungGuns''
Since Senators' pro roster is already completed, GM Trahan will look closely at what the future looks like with club's farm roster. Always a firm believer in young talent development, the Ottawa Sens' GM has a few names that comes to mind for the upcoming seasons:

At Center, Sheldon Cullers is expected to contribute as at a larger level. He will play his 4th season in Binghamton since being drafted 5th overall at S21 draft. Last season Cullers was injured for almost half of the season and cumulated only 29pts in 50games. Besides Cullers, we will also have an eye on Gabe Debraga's development. He came in like a surprise last season and was able to get 41pts while averaging only 13minutes of play per game. He is expected to get much more ice time this season.

On the left side, all eyes will be on 19yr old Fredric Dash that was selected 5th overall at S23 draft. Dash is offensively skilled as much as defensively responsible. We expect lot more from him than his 44pts of last season. Also we'll have interest in Oleg Zubov's development even though is already 27yr old and we'll have a look at 22yr old Viljo Jarviaho.

As for the right wingers, new comer as an RFA, 22yr old Hilarius Gsandter will get his share of ice time and show his scoring habilities. Last season Gsandter scored 20goals in only 45games, he was drafted 10th overall at S21 draft. 21yr old Randolph Tadt will also be of interest such as 24yr old Leon Wegener who cumulated 97pts last season.

The defensive squad will be formed by a few prospects as well, looking at both 22yr old Maxim Lashtabov (29pts and +24) and Julian Ideback (22pts). The top four spots will be completed by 23yr old Jemil Baardh and 19yr old McKenzie Sawallich.

And finally, no doubt that Senator's first pick in the last junior draft, 7th overall, Younes Boumal will get the net as the #1 goalie. He will get all the minutes of play needed to become our Pro Team's next goalie.

With all these young talents, Senator's can expect to still be competitive for the upcoming seasons.
Dg Ottawa
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