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Rebels Draft picks

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Rebels Draft picks

Messagepar Surrey » 11 Avr 2017, 01:02

The Rebels were busy on draft day, having a total of 9 picks to grab some talent. With the 1st pick the the Rebels pick high flying speed skater and talented scorer Fred Hebert. The team feels with a little help on the defensive side and work on his passing skills, that he will be a fine prospect to make the team in a few seasons. With the second pick the Rebels pick DEF-Aleksei Sommer. The Team was surprised that he stuck around that long and the Rebels were more than happy to pick him up, should be a solid prospect in 5 to 6 seasons. The rest of the draft we have a bunch of hopefuls but only time will tell if they will make the club.
LW-Jordon Auler poss 3rd liner, all around player
LW-Max Toupin poss 3rd/4th liner,all around player,long shot
LW-Fritz Zupan long shot to make the team, more of a scorer
RW-Arseny Danzov poss 3rd/4th liner, all around player,good chance
RW-Eric Morin poss 3rd/4th liner, defensive/passer player,long shot
DEF-Yrjo Maliniemi poss 4th/5th def all around def, should make the club
CTR-Tor Almquist maybe a 4th liner, prob a career farm player...but you never know
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