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The end of an era?

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The end of an era?

Messagepar Edmonton » 07 Déc 2017, 19:09

GM Joyal confirmed today that he came to an agreement with fellow Vermont's GM on the dealing of Bruno St.Jacques. We knew that there was some talk for him but no rumours were even involving Vermont.
We discussed about trading the first pick of Vermont. We offered couple of players first but then St.
Jacques came on the table. We discussed and it went smoothly. We reached an agreement in less than 24 hours.

The Oilers are targeting the cup this season again and this move could be surprising some of the ANHS universe. But for GM Joyal it is the normal course of event.
We were not looking at moving him at all cost but we were active on the market. Yes we traded one of the best left wing in the league in a year that we would like to win but we made cap space to bring a couple players that could have a better impact on the team. If I remembered something in hockey is that you have to keep the wheel rolling. You can't loose your best players by not having anything back in return and I felt that it would have been the case if we didn't deal him right now. I think it was the best offer on the table and that we wouldn't see an offer like that during the season. We have Macdonald, Maclean, Sprukts and Weller that will be unrestricted free agents at the end of the season. I know that I won't be able to sign them for the same price as they are right now and I would have to let go Bruno so I decided to do it right away when his value was high.

GM Joyal says that he is on the phone with couple teams to acquire some players to replace the spot of St.Jacques.
We got a bunch of picks for St.Jacques. Do I plan to draft with all these picks...No. Most of them will be used to get other players. Are we a better team today for this year, No. Do we have a brighter future for the next few seasons, Yes.

The Oilers got young defenceman Tomislav Jeram, next three years of 1st picks (S25, S26, S27 vermont's first rounders), two 2nd round pick in this year's draft as well as a 4th round pick in the next draft.

We would like to thank Bruno for all these seasons with us. He helped us building this team.
Is it impossible to see him back with the Oilers? For sure not. He will always be part of the family.
He was liked in the room and in the office. When you look at the definition of being a pro Bruno's name is beside that! As a person it saddens to trade him but when you do business you need to do what you need to do. Best of luck to you! You will always be an Oiler!
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