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Falloon is coming to Edmonton

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Falloon is coming to Edmonton

Messagepar Edmonton » 26 Jan 2018, 11:05

Before the game we received a press note from the team that says that there will be an important announce after the game. When we got each team's line ups we noticed that Marku Ramo wasn't playing for the Oilers and they called up Jaime Lanzer. We didn't get any notice from the team saying he was injured. On the other part we also noticed that Jonathan Falloon wasn't playing for Vancouver. Again we didn't get any note saying he was injured. We got our answer after the game. Jonathan Falloon is now an Oiler. Marku Ramo and 2 first round pick got traded to Vancouver. GM Joyal did the announcement before King's post game press conference.
We are proud to announce the arrival of elite LW Jonathan Falloon with the Oilers. Jonathan will have a great impact right of the get go with us and we want to welcome him here. As for Marku Ramo we want to wish him luck in Vancouver and thank him for his service with the team.

Will Falloon replace St.Jacques
Yes and no. When we traded St. Jacques we were confident that either Poliziani or Nittymaki would rise to the occasion. They both have good flashes there but they need more time and we didn't want them to have that pressure right now. We were on Falloon when he was still in Montreal so we liked him a lot even when we still had St. Jacques. Janis Sprutks has a hard beginning of season and we hope Jon will be able to start him. When you look at it, at the end of the day we traded St. Jacques and Ramo for Falloon, 1st, 2 picks of 2, a pick of 4 and Jeram. With these trade I think our team got better for now and for the future with all these picks.

Will Lanzer be there for the reminder of the season
No he won't. He got his first game tonight and will get a second one tomorrow night. After that he will get back to Calgary and we will see who we will call up for the reminder of the season. We have the choice of Lewandowski and Hull that were both with the team last season and Smrek who has been great with Calgary since we got him from Nashville.

No doubt that the Oilers want to bring offense with more than just one line. Macdonald, Jirik and Norton have been outstanding for them since the beginning of the season but if they want to go far in playoffs they need to have good offensive threats which Falloon is now bringing. We will see if he will be able to start Sprukts up tonigh as the Oilers take on the Rebels.
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