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Vasil with 1st of Career

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Vasil with 1st of Career

Messagepar Montreal GM » 30 Août 2017, 07:42

When the Vancouver Sith drafted Vasil Vojtek in the season 21 draft 6th overall, Vojtek knew it would just be a matter of time before he would be putting the puck in the back of the net; but at the time of being drafted he didn't know that his first career ANHS goal would come with the historic Montreal Canadiens. Vojtek, who was relatively successful with the Sith's farm affiliate Burnaby, continued to play well in Laval, but was called up to the pro's after numerous trades and injuries left the parent club short on players. With Dylan Kemp injured, it opened an opportunity for Vasil to play his game and make a difference.

At 9:36 of the second period of last nights game against the Denver Reign, Vojtek had his moment.
The Call - Play by Play announcer - Don Roberston:
...score is still tied at 3 after a beautiful goal by Igor Schadilov who is having a remarkable season for the Reign; who now just comes out of the penalty box for tripping Martin Hohener. Mislav Manco now brings the puck into the Denver zone while Montreal completes the line change, Manco shoots... Hahl gets a toe on it and the puck comes to Vojtek and shoots, the puck goes high over the net. Jared Bradley gets control in the corner and skates out with a shot, Philippe Tamer blocks it, comes back to Bradley who skates through the slot with another shot. Edo Terglav drops to the ice with another block for the Reign, Bradley again with the puck, he is doing everything out there, rips a back hander towards the net, Riku Hahl with another big save, this crowd is electric here now while the Canadiens are swarming. The puck circles around the boards back to the point, Huglen is there to stop it, sends a hard shot towards the net and Bryan Bell now blocks the shot fans cheering loud for that block, Reign setting up a blocking wall against this line, the puck bounces to Vojtek, Hahl out of position, Vojtek with a drive, SCORES. Vasil Vojtek with his first ANHS goal and the Canadiens take the lead 4-3.

Announcer: Montreal goal his first of the season scored by #15 Vasil Vojtek assisted by #43 Mark Huglen and #10 Jared Bradley goal scored at 9:36, Vojtek from Huglen and Bradley at 9:36.

Vojtek will hope that he can keep his streak going as the Montreal Canadiens will play tonight at the Norbourg Center against the team they beat last night, the Denver Reign.
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