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9 Shots Can't Break Glass

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9 Shots Can't Break Glass

Messagepar Montreal GM » 07 Fév 2018, 08:51

Last night it in San Antonio it was battle for top of the Selanne Division when the Montreal Canadiens came into town and came to play. Sophomore goalie Cam Glass recorded his first career shutout as the Canadiens won 2-0 holding the Bulls to just 9 shots and Glass stopped each of them. In the first period the Canadiens held the Bulls to 0 shots, however Magnus Kahnberg fired a hard shot which rang off the goal post after half way through the period.

It didn't take long for the Bulls to get their first shot of the game. Only 1:30 into the second, when Arnold Halvordsson grabbed his own rebound and got quick back to back shots as Cam Glass made 2 huge saves to keep the score 0-0. Glass remained shot-less again until the 14th minute of the second when Alexander Taratukhin through a puck towards the net and Glass caught it with ease. With a little more than 2 minutes left in the period Pat Beauchesne blasted a shot from the blue-line but glass snagged it out of the air.

Glass had to be sharp in the 3rd period as off the opening faceoff Nick Baines fired a quick shot, and off the assuming faceoff Todd Hartje put a fast one on net. Then the Canadiens defense took over and held off any more shots until the 9 minute mark when Taratukhin blasted a shot from the hashmarks but Glass was there to answer the call. After a Hartje second shot of the game, the Canadiens played the final 10 minutes without letting another shot.

Newly acquired players Josh Olson and Paul Reifenberger scored their 6th and 5th goals of the season respectively in the 2nd period. Reifenberger's was on the powerplay.

Bertrand Sultan was out of the lineup with an abdominal strain and is expected to be back in a weeks time.
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