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Sith Collect 3 Out of 6 Points on Road Swing

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Sith Collect 3 Out of 6 Points on Road Swing

Messagepar Vancouver » 17 Jan 2016, 15:57

The Vancouver Sith returned home today after a critical 3 game road trip all against division rivals.

Game 1 saw Vancouver in Philadelphia to face the lowly Flyers. Strong effort from Martin Either helped the Sith to a 4-3 drubbing of the Flyers in front of their rowdy crowd. " The plan was to shadow Portman and it worked pretty well, they had some unexpected production from some of their plumbers, but we still came out on top." quoted Captain Tom Pratt.

Game 2 Vancouver travelled to Boston for a showdown against the stinking Bruins. 6 goals from 2 players (Burns and Jacobs) was too much for the Sith. Either stayed hot with a goal and an assist but the final was an embarrassing 7-3 loss. "We were terrible, almost everyone was a minus the whole team played terrible. This is a lesson, no matter how terrible the opponet is you must come prepared to play 100%. Clearly we took the Bruins lightly! Tomorrow's morning skate is going to be bad news for this team!" Said an irate Coach Murray.

Game 3 in Vermont to face the overachieving Division leading expansion Wild Wings. Clearly what ever coach Murray said and did worked. A defensive battle that saw opposing goalies take #1 and #2 stars. A 1-1 tie with the Wings tying the game late in the 3rd period. Ramsay was playing 50 minutes of shut out hockey but couldn't close the door for the entire match. "Every body showed up today, it was a serious focus on defense and team play. It was a real nice recovery from the Boston incident too bad we couldn't get the win. The Wings bubble will burst soon, luck always runs out, we'll get them!" Neil Ramsay in the post game presser.

The Sith travel back home for a game against the Flyers, some chirping out of Philly say they're coming to Vancouver with revenge on their minds. This reporter thinks the Death Star will be an unpleasant experience for the Flyers!

In other news Vancouver and Baltimore hooked up for a small deal involving young defensman. "Was there a winner in this deal? I don't know, we got what we wanted and they got what they wanted so i'd say 2 winners. End of the day it was offense for defense, Markku Ramo for Brad Coburn. We'd like to thanks Ramo for his efforts in his short time with us and wish him good luck. Coburn will help shore up a sloppy back end." GM Edwards on the deal.

The Imperial News
Jesse Edwards,
General Manager,
Vancouver Sith
Year 22 Prince of Wales Cup Champions
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4e trio
4e trio
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Re: Sith Collect 3 Out of 6 Points on Road Swing

Messagepar DG Flyers » 18 Jan 2016, 09:44

Unexpected production from plumbers? lol The Sith should take a look at those who got points during the game!

66 Bobby Fredrickson (C,RW) 0 2 2
77 Markus Akerblom (LW) 0 2 2
61 David Pancoe (RW) 1 0 1
99 Jeremy Portman (C) 1 0 1
50 Brad Voth (RW) 1 0 1
64 Kevin Baker (C,RW) 0 1 1

55 Jared Piselinni (LW,RW) 0 1 1

Those in bold are considered plumbers. Jared could maybe be considered as one also if we argue, but 6 out of 9 points were done by veteran players.

And tonight, they will all take their revenge...
Eric - DG Flyers
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DG Flyers
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Temple de la Renommée
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