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Sith vs Jets Round 2 Preview and Predictions.

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Sith vs Jets Round 2 Preview and Predictions.

Messagepar Vancouver » 19 Mai 2016, 11:59

Vancouver Sith vs Winnipeg Jets

Round 2 kicks off tonight with several high profile matches taking place. But none higher than the Vancouver Sith versing the Winnipeg Jets. The bitter Belfour division rivals will square off for an epic battle for the ages. During the regular season the Jets had the edge in the season series with a 4-2 record. Despite the record, Vancouver brass are confident that the club will come out on top in the series. 3 Keys to win for Vancouver will be #1 solid to great goaltending from Vezina hopeful Neil Ramsay, without a stellar performance the Sith season will be all but over. #2 Depth scoring, Vancouver don’t have as many chiefs as the Jets but they have much deeper depth through all 4 lines including the defense corp. #3 Discipline, Vancouver need to stay away from Winnipeg’s weasel hockey keeping the Jets power play on the bench is key.

Prediction – Vancouver Sith in 7

Baltimore Thunder vs Vermont Wild Wings

The hockey world is in disbelief that the Wild Wings are even in the playoffs. But here they are in the Conference semis. A quick look at the rosters gives the Thunder the edge along with capturing the top seed in the conference makes it hard to not pick Baltimore in this match up. But the Wings have clutched up for the last few weeks and just bounced the defending ANHS Champs in 6 games.

Prediction – Vermont Wild Wings in 6

Ottawa Senators vs Atlanta Thrashers

Atlanta are fresh off a miracle 4-3 series win against the 4th place over all Quebec Nationale. Down 3-0 to Quebec then rallying back to win 4 in a row is no small achievement. Now they face a #1 Ottawa Senators team riddled with talent. Falling behind in this series will be bad news for the Thrashers. Thrashers two high producing forwards will need to continue the scoring if there is any hope of a Thrashers win.

Prediction – Ottawa Senators in 6

Edmonton Oilers vs Nashville Predators

I’m a little shocked the Preds made it past Toronto. Edmonton have more horses than the Predators do to win this race. Edmonton stays healthy they win this series with ease. Prince is dangerous and Nashville has a solid back end but Edmonton have just as much talent and have been consistent all season.

Prediction – Edmonton Oilers in 5

Imperial News
Jesse Edwards,
General Manager,
Vancouver Sith
Year 22 Prince of Wales Cup Champions
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