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Sith Make Big Splash At Trade Deadline....4 Trades!

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Sith Make Big Splash At Trade Deadline....4 Trades!

Messagepar Vancouver » 11 Jan 2017, 22:06

The Vancouver Sith were very busy at the deadline signing off on 4 trades, the most by any ANHS team. We break the deals down in the order they happened.

    The 1st deal was with the Montreal Canadiens, GM Edwards reached out and offered Mat Snesrud to the Canadiens and GM Arsenault agreed to Snesrud and a year 23 5th round pick for a year 23 2nd round pick. " Mat has been a workhorse, outstanding point producer and a model citizen for this organization. We are very grateful to have had him with us and wish him luck. We decided that we wanted to get something for him before he retires or gets plucked from the free agency. We wanted a 2nd for him and wouldn't ask for anything less. Once Montreal said ok it was a lock." GM Edwards about the trade. The trade actually almost didn't go through due to an administration error on the Sith side but luckily the deadline was extended and the mistake was fixed.

    Deal 2 came in a late night exchange between the rival Knucklers and the Sith. Edwards was looking for a right wing to help fill the void left behind by the Snesrud deal and inquired about Ladislav Tresl. GM Rezek was open to the discussion and agreed to Sending Tresl to the black and red along with year 23 3rd round pick for upcoming RW Wayne Smth, Seasoned veteran C Milan Kolstony and year 23 3rd round pick. "We thought the Knucklers would be interested in some youth and offered Wayne, they countered and we shook hands. Now it's back to hating those guys!" Quoted GM Edwards.

    Deal 3, after hours of haggling back and forth with Las Vegas, Edwards and Paquette finally agreed on something, versatile winger Jared Piselinni was the centre of discussions but the return was the hang up. In the end Piselinni and youngster Lyle Pocklington went to sin city for LW Marc Dolen and year 25 1st round draft pick. "Jared got top minutes with us but never really seemed to get it going and thought a change would be best. It's no secret this club s getting older so i'm looking at drafting the succession plan in the next 3 seasons so this deal made sense to us" Quipped Edwards

    Lastly a deal with the Nashville Predators was hammered out. Sith were interested in getting a top line forward to compliment Maguire and Ethier. Dale Thompson was the focus and after numerous back and forth discussions between GM Edwards and GM Groulx, Dale Thompson changed address and was headed to Vancouver. Included were 2 picks year 23 4th and year 24 3rd. Marc Dolen was a Sith for only hours as he and budding star Def Cuba Mutz were the compensation going to Nashville in exchange for Thompson and the picks. "Ya Thompson is a UFA, but i'm confident that after spending time on this team he we resign here. Admittedly losing Cuba stung the most, hell it still stings but we have complimented our draft picks portfolio substantially and I expect Thompson to step in and become a leader on this Club." Last comments by GM Edwards before the phone hung up.

The Sith lost 6 players and 1 draft pick and received only 2 players back leaving fans and media questioning the sanity of GM Edwards. We hope this strategy pays off in years to come as he did receive 4 picks along with the 2 players. Check back in 8 seasons and we'll let you know.

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