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Contract extensions

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Contract extensions

Messagepar Dg Ottawa » 27 Juin 2017, 07:58

Senators are sitting 2nd in the Morin Conference and 4th overall as we speak and without any trade talk for GM Trahan, there was time available to meet with the different agents to negotiate contract extensions. Even though it's still early in the season, few deals were already made in order to ''ink'' important players for the future seasons, here are the details:

Derek Crevier: 26yr old centerman who was acquired last season from the Blues got himself a 4yr contract extension. Last season Crevier finished with 65 pts in 82games and presently shows 26pts in 32 games including 15goals. We can expect a 30goals season for Crevier and represents a great deal under 1M$ for the Senators.

Alexander Chernykh: 30yr old veteran and star LW had a career high last season with 117pts. Also acquired last season, Chernykh is one of the top LW in the league. The current season is not what was expected for him but still shows 34pts in 32games. At the end of the season Chernykh would have become UFA so there was no way GM Trahan would take a chance and not agree to ChernyKh's agent request. A 3yr contract extension was given to our top LW which will reach 6M$ in Season 26.

Spencer Puffinberger: at 21yr old, Puffinberger is already playing is 3rd season in the pros. He was able to cumulate 31pts last season by playing 3rd and 4th line. This current season Puffinberger found his place on the 3rd line and sits now at 18pts in 32games. He will probably reach 15-20 goals this season and represents the future of the team on the left side. There was no doubt that the plan was to sign him for the maximum of 5years.

Jay Octeau: 30yr old and newly named team captain, Jay Octeau is another key player for the Sens. Octeau also had a career high last season with 80pts in 82games including 36goals. Octeau would have become a UFA at the end of the current season and with a contract extension of 3 years under 1M$, this represents as well one of the best deal in the league.

Sheldon Cullers: 21yr old centerman agreed to a 5yr contract extension. This may be a bit surprising for a player playing in the minors but GM Trahan expects Cullers to play with the Sens and represents a great potential. Mostly known for his defensive and faceoffs skills, we didn't want to risk sending Cullers to the RFA market. Cullers was Senators' 1st pick (5th overall) in Season 21 entry draft.

The only notable player that will not receive an offer is centerman Bertrand Sultan who was awarded a large 3.9M$ contract during last RFA session. Senators had enough space under salary cap to keep Sultan for only a year, but we are expecting more from him.

All other players eligible for contract extension will not likely receive an offer and probably will all become RFA\UFA.
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