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First glimpse at the defending Champs!

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First glimpse at the defending Champs!

Messagepar Dg Ottawa » 12 Déc 2017, 18:34

Pre-Season is right around the corner and looking at the actual roster, even though it's training camp, there's not much chance to see a new comer making a surprise by taking a veteran's spot. In fact, the Sens will present the exact same team as last season, with the addition of two new players signed as free agents.
Here's a glimpse at the potential starting lineup:

Centers: Jason Meyer / Derek Crevier / Martin Ethier / Kai Kuhl

With the addition of Ethier this makes several possibilities for coach Sacco to try things and find the right fit with this important position. Ethier being more offensive skilled than Crevier will surely get some PP ice time.
This also means that veteran Viktor Zhluktov will be sent to the minors as Kuhl will be used as the defensive asset.

Left-Wingers: Alexander Chernykh / Fabrice Nierman / Spencer Puffinberger / Jared Piselinni

Chernykh will obviously lead the way again this season as the top leftwinger, but we can expect great numbers from young Nierman and Puffinberger. As for Piselinni, still as question mark in his case, but the fact that he can play left or right is just adding more depth.

Right-Wingers: Jay Octeau / Mat Snesrud / Robbie Johnston / Eric Lemaitre

Again great depth at this position with the addition of Snesrud. Coach Sacco is still wondering who from Snesrud or Johnston will be used alongside Chernykh but we think both will be a good solution. Snesrud is a well established veteran and Johnston could be the surprise of the season if we consider his 30goals last season while averaging only 12minutes of play per game. Team's captain Octeau will lead the way again this season for this group of players.

Defensemen: Marty Voce / Dean Weaver / Ake Birberg / Manny Upshall / Alex Vasilevskii / Markuss Gaidelonis

Those 6 players are the exact same defensive squad as last season, a great balance of defensive skills, passing and checking habilities. At only 21years of age, Birberg is becoming a leader amongst this squad and we can expect great things out of him. Will Upshall be able to repeat his +37 ratio from last season ?

Goalies: Steve Morrow / Mathieu Pelletier

Nothing more to say or to add in the fact that the Sens are counting on one of the best goalie in the league in Morrow. As for Pelletier, unfortunately for him, he will complete his last season of his actual contract before becoming UFA but represents probably the best backup goalie of the league at this moment.
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