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Piselinni traded...Again!

MessagePublié: 20 Déc 2017, 21:05
par Dg Ottawa
The ''experiment'' that started last season with the enigmatic Jared Piselinni didn't last very long in Ottawa. Acquired while he was injured before trade deadline, Piselinni ended the season on a good note with 9pts in 7games but got only 8pts in 20games during the playoffs that leaded to the Senators's championship. During the present pre-season, Piselinni got 2 assists in 7 games even though he was given the chance to play on the first two lines and getting some ice time in PowerPlay. Looking at our roster, there's no room on the top 2 lines on the left side and we want young Spencer Puffinberger to play on the 3rd line. If we look on the right side, we have captain Jay Octeau and young Robbie Johnston that scored 30goals last season while playing on the third line, and even more, we have the addition of Mat Snesrud ($$$). So in the end, Piselinni would end up starting the season on the fourth line.
Unfortunately, Piselinni's value was not very high on the market but GM Trahan was able to get an agreement with fellow Paquette from Vegas... Senators are getting back 20yr old d-man Jakke Kennila that was traded last season for Piselinni. We expect Kennila to be part of our top 4 d-men in Binghamton this season and we will look closely at his development, we expect him to graduate with the big club in a few seasons from now.

Re: Piselinni traded...Again!

MessagePublié: 21 Déc 2017, 09:25
par DG Flyers
Nobody wants him lol

Re: Piselinni traded...Again!

MessagePublié: 21 Déc 2017, 09:57
par Dg Ottawa
Las Vegas do...!! :wink: