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Let's get ready!

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Let's get ready!

Messagepar Blues » 26 Sep 2016, 18:45

And here we are the start of the 22th season! With two new team in the league. The St-Louis Blues start the pre-season with a bad start, but after a few trade the team finish really well 4-5-1 There a resume of the St-Louis Blues for the starting game against the Sith on the second day of the season.


With no doubt in any head Derek Gibson will lead this position for the Blues he missed the 100points season last year and he want to get back to this level this year. Tim Mishler will be the second he do 20 points less in year 21 than year 20. so he have to prove to the GM he have is place with St-Louis. New comer Viktor Zhlutkov will be on third line great uprade for the third line with is defensive skill. Dereck Crevier wll be the center for the fourth line.

Left Winger:

2 new player join the Blues at this position to upgrade the offensive skill and depth a this position. John Morrow is back with St-Louis, we see i'm in the last game playing with Gibson and Mcsween and it goes well. Nick Boucher will be the second left winger less pression on him this here we think it will help him. Kyle Rossiter will be on the third line for now but we see DAvid Robinson play too on this line so coach Stevens maybe switch between this to player during the season for third and fourth line.

Right Winger :

The position where's the have no change since last year. Don Mcsween back on the first line, Todd Wideman back on the second line, he played his worst season in 4 year last year so we expected a good comeback for him, because we have good player wainting on third and fourth line Radoslav Stumpel and Stanislav Butsayev two player with good offensive skill the can surprise this year.

Defense :

Big question mark here at this position. Carl Grahn and Lance Roberts will lead this young defensive squad. Tony Kaszuba , Huber Sawchuk, Samuel Hull, Dmitry Upper and Ted Mckaskill wil be the young defenseman playing in St-Louis. They will get all the chance they need Stevens are confident about this young player.


Same thing than last year Andrei Sapoznikhov need to be back as it was in year 19 and 20 to get at least 30 wins. John Marr knows he need to be ready to perform when Stevens ask him to start the game, some young talent are in Augusta so he need to proove him when we need him.

Some young player will be on the scope of Stevens in Augusta, Haydel and Koshenkov will be follow close to see there's progress. Same for Boitsov and Mcnish in defense.

The Blues are now ready to start after keep a look a the 1st game of year against the two finalist of last year finals.

Good Season to everyone!

DG Blues
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