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Draft Day TOR.

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Draft Day TOR.

Messagepar Toronto » 13 Déc 2015, 15:46

It was a big draft day for the Leafs this year, let s see the recap. Marion DG
It was the year of the young and heavy picks this year, here s why:
The 1 st of the 11 choices, 13 th in total was the canadian Osborn Trees (RW) from the Quakers a young kid of 18 th years old from North Bay Ontario, a big guy of 6Ft4 and 223 lbs, he got it all, good in both side of the ice, he did 50 pts last year in 67 games. He will make the pro one day for sure...We saw him improve hie PH and SC skill during this summer. First 2 nd ronder was the center of 18 years old, 6ft1 and 221 lbs Leopold Hahn. He s from Berlin Germany and he made 55 pts in 72 games last year for the Bulldogs, we said of him that he as a lot of leadership and scoring skills. Last pick of the 2 nd rond.31 st in total is the US defenceman Wally Ramez from Wells Beach Maine. The 6ft1, 220 lbs of 18 year old made 70 pts in 71 games last year for the Bulldogs. the 4th pick of the Leafs was the 3 rd rounder Artyom Yanchenko from Sofia Bulgaria, another big defenceman of 6ft 202 lbs of 18th, we like him for his Def hability but he also help his teammate of the Americans with 34 pts at their last season. We had 4 of the 4th ronder, Pick 56 was the result of a trade made during the draft with the Atlanta GM that made us draft the Canadian Goalie from Portage la Prairie Manitoba Paul Bastrup that keeped a GAA of 3.77 and a PCT 0.898 as a back up gaolie for the Victorias. Only 18, he fits the net well sitting on his 6ft4 and 219 lbs. Pick 63 was another Canadian from Manitoba the RW Trenton Laverriere from Flin Flon. Trenton played in the same team of Osborn Trees last year the Quakers, he likes to fight and put is nose in the corner and in front of the net but has also great puck handling, this 19 year old weights 217 lbs at 6ft4. Pick 65 was a suprise, cause we never tought that Petr Sharkevich a Def. from Stara Zagora bulgaria would still be available. he s a monster from the Thistles at only 19th weighting 219 lbs at 6ft3 he is the real type of Def. we need with great Def. skills. Right after Petr, we maid our final choice of the 4 rond with Pick 66 the US goalie Perceval Sinor from Devils Lake, North Dakota, 18th, 6ft3, 223Lbs . He was the starting Goalie last year for the Americans and end the saison with 35 Win-18 Def in 62 games and a PCT 0,881, We have great hope for him in the futur. the 5th rond, 84 pick of the draft, we picked another player from the Quakers, from Dawson, Yukon, the Def. Scottie Coppock, 18th, 6ft4, 232 Lbs. With him we add up our Def line up for the farm team and Scottie has lots of potential that will help the team in the futur. Pick 89 he s a kid of 18th from Frýdek-Místek of Czech Republic that played for the Metropolitans has a defenseman in Angel Jemeljanov, 6ft3, 228lbs. he end up to be one of the top leader of his team last year at the blue line. Finally, our 7th rond and 120 pick of Y21 was the Canadian of 18th year old, defenseman from Amqui Quebec Freddy Millard. So this is it. We where looking for young players (most of them are 18th) and are tall and heavy guys specially for the Defensman. we can say is mission accomplished, we are very happy of our new players and they all signed their 1 st contract and will repport to the St-Pats for training camp in a few weeks.
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