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Jets stop skid - Win 3 in a row

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Jets stop skid - Win 3 in a row

Messagepar Winnipeg » 16 Jan 2017, 21:20

The Christmas break was not all fun in Winnipeg. The Jets were 37-13-5 for 79 points at the break, a dozen or so points in front of anyone in the overall standings. They lost the last game before the Christmas break, and 5 more before stopping the hemorraging against the Flyers with a 6-3 win.

The 1-6-0 stretch was by far the worst stretch the team went through all season. First, they had never lost more than 2 games in a row up to that point. Second, goalie Kris Miller went through a very rough patch as he collected horrible stats. He went 1-4-0 with a 4.62 goals against average and a .840 save percentage. His frustration with the bad stretch was even visible after the skid was over. In the 2-1 win against the Blues, he went a little too far in expressing his frustration to a referee as opponents kept charging the net. He was ejected from the game for pushing referee Frederick L'Ecuyer, even going as far as calling him a frog. Needless to say, he was lucky not to suspended for his attitude on the ice.

Coach Mandrope had a meeting with him after the game and made it clear that this kind of attitude would not be tolerated on or off the ice.

I understand his frustration. We went through a rough 10 days collectively and it took a toll on him a little. Kris is having a great season, showing us that he is at the top of his game and one of the best in the league. But, he cannot let himself be caught in the other team's shenanigans and lose his cool. We need him as much as possible. We need him to lead this team far and we need him at the top of his game. He just needs to understand that we win as a team and we lose as a team. If something affects one of the players, it's the whole team that suffers from it. We collectively have to go out there and make sure that we give 110% every game. This team has done it up until the Christmas break. The guys have to keep it going and keep the only objective that we set collectively at the beginning of the season.

Since that 1-6-0 stretch, the Jets have jumped back to their old ways, winning their last 3 games against the Flyers, the Blues and their eternal archrival, the Boston Bruins. The overall attitude in the locker room is back to what it was before the holiday break. Players are having fun and are focused and sharp come game time. It can only mean bad news for their future opponents.

The Jets have 17 games left to play in the last 25 days of the regular season. They are 9 wins away from their 50th and 13 points away from the 100 mark. The last time they had 50 wins in a season was in season 8 and should they reach the 100-point mark, it would be the first time since season 15 that they achieve that feat.

Winnipeg definitely has the potential to go all the way this season. But they have to be careful with the ever dreadful double-edged sword that comes with finishing first in the overall standings. Only once in 21 seasons has a team won the Thouin Cup while finishing first in the overall standings. Let's hope they break this curse this season!
DG Winnipeg
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