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S24 Draft Report

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S24 Draft Report

Messagepar Winnipeg » 02 Déc 2017, 16:42

Here is this season's draft report for the Winnipeg Jets.

First pick - 1st round - 8th overall
Kristian Daev - Center
17 years old
6'1 - 221 pounds

Kristian was probably one of the most underrated centers in this current draft. Sure he has some weaknesses, but we think he is going to be a good offensive center for years to come. He accumulated 39 points while playing less than 14 minutes per game in his first season in juniors. He definitely has scoring potential. He is very crafty with the puck and has a good vision of the game. He definitely lacks defensive smarts, but he will be following special training and his coaches will put special emphasis on his defensive game in order to make him better all around.

Second pick - 2nd round - 25th overall
Rhal Hollembaek - Defenseman
18 years old
5'8 - 214 pounds

Rheal is a good shutdown defenseman with a good first pass. He is very good when it comes to create rushes from his own zone. Non negligeably, he has amassed 40 assists in 72 games. He is very good at setting up his fellow blueliners and will eventually become a great asset on the power play. He can log a lot of minutes (27.7 per game average last season) and even though he is small, he is not easily impressed by bigger bodies around him. His Giveaway/Takeaway differential was astounding with a +60 which was one of the bigger factors for drafting him so high. He is very intelligent with the puck and shows a lot of maturity as such a young age for a defenseman.

Third pick - 2nd round - 28th overall
Elisey Mienski - Defenseman
18 years old
5'11 - 205 pounds

Another shut down defenseman, Elisey resembles Hollembaek a lot. Logging an impressinve 28 minutes per game, Mienski's Giveaway/Takeaway ratio was +55, very close to Hollembaek. Although his +/- rating was at a measly -21, he was playing with one of the worst defensive teams in the junior league. The Wanderers were last in their division, allowing 340 goals all season. That did not help Mienski. He definitely has much better defensive ability that what his stats showed last season. He also had 33 assists in 72 games, making him a good setup dman on the blue line for the power play.

Fourth pick - 2nd round - 29th overall
Fred Putman - Left Wing
17 years old
5'9 - 186 pounds

Putman is a workhorse. Although his shape wouldn't suggest it, he can log in a lot of ice time and still be as effective in the third period as when he jumps on the ice at the beginning of the game. He scored 42 goals and totaled 94 points while playing 21 minutes per game. Although he is a much better playmaker than sniper, he does have incredible hands. He needs to work on his defensive game because although he had 94 points, he finished the season with a -4. Again, playing with the Wanderers didn't help, so we will have to take a closer look when the next season rolls to see if things change for him.

Fifth pick - 2nd round - 32nd overall
Mykola Smitskoy - Left Wing
19 years old
6'3 - 201 pounds

Mykola is a short term project. At 19 years old, he only has one more season in the juniors before he moves to the pros or goes back to Russia to play in the pros over there. He was drafted based on his offensive skills and sniper hands. Although he only scored 15 goals last season, he only played 13 minutes per game. We can only hope that his coaches are going to give him more ice time this season in order for him to flourish offensively. He definitely has the potential to score 35 goals in the pros, but he needs to work on his passing skills.

Sixth pick - 4th round - 68th overall
Theo Mesanovic - Right Wing
17 years old
6'1 - 201 pounds

Another sniper in the making, Theo scored 17 goals and 33 points while playing only 9 minutes per game! What he lacks in defense, he makes up on offense. But he will definitely need to work his defensive game in order to make it with the big guys. He also needs to improve his discipline as he is sometimes hot tempered and gets frustrated easily. Theo has a lot of potential and hopefully he continues to develop steadily over the next few seasons.

Seventh pick - 4th round - 75th overall
Jacob Saulo - Defenseman
18 years old
6'7 - 255 pounds

Already nicknamed "The Train" by his teammates, Jacob is a monster in the ice. Standing tall at 6'7 and 255 pounds, no one messes with him when he goes in the corners. He has excellent defensive abilities which will come in handy on the penalty kill. Even though he has a huge frame, he is one of the most skilled defensemen in juniors right now. He is only 18, so he has 2 more seasons to go in juniors before he moves up. Definitely one of the most interesting projects we have in our prospects list right now. It will be interesting to see how fast he improves his game.

Eighth pick - 5th round - 88th overall
Radim Hrehorcak - Right Wing
17 years old
6'2 - 191 pounds

There isn't much to say about Radim right now as he was in his first season in the juniors and played an average of 8 minutes per game. Definitely a gem to polish though. He has good hands, good size and physically fit, he could improve quicker than we think. Definitely has more playmaking wits than scoring ability. His biggest downside right now is his discipline. Hopefully he can improve in that department, otherwise he might not be in the Winnipeg organization when he comes to play in the pros.

Overall, the Jets organization was very satisfied with the players they drafted in this season's event. It was obvious that defenseman were a top priority. It is hard to imagine where any of these players will eventually end up and how they will perform if they make it to the pros, but it is always fun to speculate and hope for the best when you look at all these young players during the draft. Hopefully 2 or 3 of them can make it to the pros and become regulars.
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