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Knucklers Looking For Series to End in 6

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Knucklers Looking For Series to End in 6

Messagepar Seattle » 18 Fév 2017, 10:12


It was back to Seattle for game five of this series. Both teams know this would be a big game. As the Knucklers skated on to home ice, the fans, a sell out crowd, broke out in cheer. It was loud. :lol: :o :shock: :lol: :D :D :lol: :shock:

As the final words of the anthem ended, the roar of the crowd started again. Puck drop time.

Both teams played a fast paced game to start it off. What surprised most was the netminder of the Oilers. James Walsh wasn't the man behind the pipes, and back up Kerry Toporowski would be the nights starting goalie. The Knucklers tried to take full advantage with shots on net, but just couldn't get by the Oilers defense. Three Knucklers penalties during the period could have cost the game, but the Knucklers held the fort, keeping the game tied 0-0. Oilers took one penalty, but also kept the PP of the Knucklers at bay. Period one ends. Oilers 0 - Knucklers 0

Period two was a much different story. Four different Knucklers got on the scoreboard, which had the crowd buzzing louder every goal. Both teams again could not pot a PP goal which kept this game a 4 goal difference. Period two ends. Oilers 0 - Knucklers 4

Period three, goaltender Toporowski sat on the pine and James Walsh now manned the space between the pipes. This must have inspired the Oilers club as Dave McLean potted an early PP goal before a minute had ticked off the clock. The Knucklers had a chance to add to the lead at the 5 minute mark with a power play, but Walsh stood on his head to keep this game close. What could have been a disaster, as the Knucklers took 3 penalties during the period was instead a great showing of team work. The Oilers did manage another goal, but it was to late as the clock ticked down the last 10 seconds, and the fans began the cheer......." Na Na Na Naaaaa, Na Na Na Naaaaa, Hey Hey, Goodbye ".
Period three ends. Oilers 2 - Knucklers 4

Centerman, Benoit Lebeau was caught after the game for a brief interview.
Benoit Lebeau, " Ya, it feels good. The guys are playing like a team. We know we can win, we just have to play like we did today. I must admit, I lost some confidence after the 8 - 3 loss, but the GM pulled me into the office, said to me, just go for it, don't just be the play maker, shoot the puck. I have to admit, when youngster Wayne Smith was put on my line, I knew we had some chemistry going after the first shift together. "

The Knucklers got some further good news, defenseman Chris Clark was ok'd to skate. While still in some discomfort, he was told he could play in the next game. "It will be a game time decision " said coach Terry Murray.

On the path of the Knucklers junior club, LW Lenni Hukonen , (Diamond in the rough) was #1 in goals, assists and points. 66G 97A 163PTS to lead the LNHJ. He will be a force in the coming year. Coach Terry Murray said, "This kid is strong a long the boards. He's not afraid to be infront of the net and he has a good hockey sense when on the ice. I'm sure we'll be talking a lot about him in the future ".

Another great player coming soon, centerman, Anisim Tkachenko was a huge plus. His 68 assists showed that this guy knows how to handle the puck. He see's the openings and can put it on the tape of any players stick.

So, back to Oilers arena for game 6. I'm sure this will be one hell of a game. I'm Cam Ping saying, until next time, may your fire burn bright into the night. :lol:
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