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L'écriture de promos en saison régulière permet de récolter des points bonis applicables sur les cotes du premier joueur repêché lors du repêchage suivant la saison. Les points bonis sont appliqués de la façon suivante:
15 promos ou plus: 15 points bonis
10 à 14 promos: 10 points bonis
5 à 9 promos: 5 points bonis
4 promos ou moins: 0 points bonis
Pour qu'une promo soit valide, elle doit compter 7 lignes une fois publiée.


Writing promos during the regular season lets GM's accumulate bonus points applicable on ratings of the first player they draft in the next junior draft. Bonus points are given as follows:
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10 to 14 promos: 10 bonus points
5 to 9 promos: 5 bonus points
4 promos or less: 0 bonus points
In order for a promo to be valid, it needs to show as 7 lines or more when published.


Messagepar Seattle » 28 Avr 2017, 07:23

Four games in, a season under the belt for the Seattle Knucklers and GM feels this season will show other GM's, this is a team looking to challenge for a playoff spot yet again this season.

We had news reports that GM Lada went on a "Rant and Rave" about the league. While the hearts of many GM's of the league came crashing down up on the Seattle club leader, and the Commissioner stood his ground. It wasn't until a closed door between the disgruntled GM and Commissioner brought forth some serious talk. Over an hour passed and I think both agreed to something as they left the oval office both smiling and shaking hands. What was said was now the concern of the Commissioner and in his ball court. We heard that a meeting of the leagues minds may take place. But that is all we heard.

During this time, the club won another game, bringing the team to 2-2 during pre season play. The likes of Wayne 'Smitty' Smith and diamond in the rough Lenni Houkonen began showing signs of life as the club won in overtime against the stingy Nashville club.

While GM Lada was not available to talk, we got some time with captain David Bernier.

D.Bernier, " I don't know what was said at the meeting, but rest assured, our GM and leader of this team probably spoke his mind. He's a smart guy, he knows the game. I wouldn't be here if he didn't suck it up and pay my new salary. He knows he's going to get 100% effort from me, and I think the young guys will feed off of it. We played well today. We still have guys wanting to come up from the farm to show there stuff. Rest assured, we will be ready once regular season starts."

We asked about the Vermont club rumors.....
D.Bernier, " Uhm, maybe we shouldn't go there, but I feel every game between us will be a good one."

The club will be without the services of C/RW Samuel Remillard for three weeks with a sore finger. Must have really jammed that sucker. But with the loss also comes the return of big gunner Bill Mag Maguire.

C Anisim Tkachenko will be dressed for tonights game versus the top team in the Conference, Baltimore. RW Tommy Laforest will also get to test his skills on pro ice as he has stated his interest in moving if he doesn't get some pro ice time in the regular season.

T.Laforest, " I think I have what it takes to be a 3rd or fourth line player on any team. I need the ice time to prove it. It's pretty tough to get any here, but I'm going to show my stuff and hopefully the club can fit me in somewhere ".

So, there you have it... Seattle Knucklers stirring the ANHS pot in every aspect of the game.
I'm Goodbie Kindar saying, "if you ain't got more than 15 minutes to say something, keep it to yourself".
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Inscrit le : 29 Fév 2016, 23:31


Messagepar Président ANHS » 28 Avr 2017, 09:21

Président ANHS
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Président ANHS
Administrateur ANHS
Administrateur ANHS
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Messagepar DG Flyers » 28 Avr 2017, 10:00

hahaha nice comeback!
Eric - DG Flyers
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DG Flyers
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Temple de la Renommée
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Messagepar Vermont » 28 Avr 2017, 13:01

Nice read... well written.

I should apologize for my comments on your "disgruntled" posting.
HOWEVER... I still want that rivalry! :wink:
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Inscrit le : 27 Fév 2015, 04:04
Localisation : Boston, MA

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