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KNUCKLERS 4 VS SITH 2 Battle Royale

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KNUCKLERS 4 VS SITH 2 Battle Royale

Messagepar Seattle » 03 Juin 2017, 07:10

The Seattle Knucklers and the Vancouver Sith have been in a love/ hate relationship since the Knucklers joined the ANHS. While many a good deal have been made between these two clubs, on the ice, it's been hard fought battles. Tonight was no exception.

As both teams began the pre game skate, two individuals in particular met at center ice for some words. Vancouver Sith's Ladislav Tresl and the Seattle Knucklers Wayne Smith glared at each other as team mates pulled them apart. What spurred this? Could have been an unsettling feeling in the gut as Smith was traded to the Knucklers for Tresl before last seasons playoffs. We got to speak to Wayne 'Smitty' Smith after the game.

Wayne Smith, " Ya ya, you know it Tresl... you didn't give 110% during the playoffs and that is why you ain't wearing a ANHS ring. No guts No glory. "

Wayne left after those words...

The game was hard nosed, gritty and both teams wanted the W. It's a battle amongst the top teams in the Haley Conference, and every point counts. The game started with a fast pace, end to end. Both clubs took early penalties but the special teams on both sides shut the door. At 11:39, Shane McGregor potted his 2nd goal of the season to get on the board. It was at this time, Wayne Smith, getting an assist on the goal skated by the Sith bench and pointed at Tresl as he skated by. At 16:11, Sith's Martin Keefe took a 2 minute minor for charging as he ran Smith into the boards hard. As the camera panned to the Sith bench, Tresl is seen laughing like jolly ol saint nick.

The second period saw both teams go end to end, scoring three goals and ending in a 2-2 draw. Period three saw 2 goals by the Knucklers before the 8 minute mark, giving them a 4-2 edge in the game. At the 15 minute mark, gloves were dropped, helmets came off... Wayne Smith and Ladislav Tresl squared off at center ice.... lefts and rights... rights and lefts... then boooooom a hard uppercut by Smith took Tresl down for the count. As the refs came in, Smith is seen pointing at Tresl as he skated to the box.

This stirred the pot as both clubs let loose heavy hits for the remaining time left on the clock. At 17:48, it was Keefe taking a heavy hit along the boards from David Bernier. While a 2 minute penalty was issued to Bernier, the worst was felt by Keefe as the club failed to score and that ended the game. Knucklers 4 Sith 2. :lol:

We didn't get to speak to Tresl, but Knucklers coach Terry Murray gave us his feelings of the game.

Terry Murray, " It's always a battle.... these two clubs just have a love hate relationship, and it makes for a great game everytime these two clubs meet. You ask me, I think Smith just feels he could have been the deciding factor in the playoffs for the Sith and it's been eating away at him. I think tonight he proved himself. "

What can I say, I'm Lefty Uppercut and tonight was a great game.... can't wait for the next one between these two clubs.
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