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Game 1 - Pith VS Knucklers - Pre game report

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Game 1 - Pith VS Knucklers - Pre game report

Messagepar Seattle » 11 Sep 2017, 03:35

The Pith :mrgreen: VS The Knucklers :P

What can I say, these two teams have faced each other many a time, each game a show for the fans and a hard fought battle on the ice. So, what is the difference from last season which will get the Knucklers passed round 1?

RW - Bill Maguire was the teams scoring leader during the regular season. This gave C David Bernier some breathing room as the 'GO to Guy'. Bernier responded with another 100+ pt season, and played a major roll on the ice. These two will have to go toe to toe with The Pith's top line, but with the return of LW Shane McGregor's on the 1rst line, these guys will be ready.

The other lines for the Knucklers have done the job coach Terry Murray has asked, and it put them on the top of the Haley Conference. C Peter Brady should see more ice time and play more of a grinding roll. Milan Kostolny will watch from the press box as his injury will keep him out of the line up this series. His presence will be missed up the middle.

Kostolny," You got to hate sitting on the sidelines, even moreso when it comes to playoff time. The doctor said all I can do is light bike work. Hopefully I can begin skating with the team in a couple weeks ".

So, what did GM Lada have to say about the series versus The Pith?
GM Lada, " This team has one thing The Pith doesn't, and that is 'Heart'. These guys go game in game out at a 100% level. Each player knows his roll, and if anything they never give up. This will be a tough series, hands down, but if you ask me, our PP has been deadly, and I think that will be the edge in the series".

GM Lada was asked to give his opinion on the playoffs series's and outcomes.
This is what he had to say.

Haley Conference
The Pith VS The Knucklers (Knucklers in 6)
Knoxville VS Los Vegas (Los Vegas in 5)
Atlanta VS Nashville (Nashville in 6)
Quebec VS Winnipeg (Winnipeg in 5)
Morin Conference
Boston Vs Ottawa (Ottawa in 5)
Denver VS Surrey (Surrey in 5)
St.Louis VS Edmonton (Edmonton in 6)
Montreal VS San Antonio (San Antonio in 5)

So, there you have it, Round 1, game 1 tonight.... good luck to all teams, I'm Han Key saying, that is what the Pith GM will need.
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