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High Scoring Game, Knucklers up to the Task

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High Scoring Game, Knucklers up to the Task

Messagepar Seattle » 12 Sep 2017, 17:40

The Pith 5 - The Knucklers 7

Game one had all that a home playoff game should have, goals, a fight, and fans treated to a W.

The first period started off slow, and at the 11:08 mark, The Pith's Jeff Kruesel potted a PP goal which was an eye opener for the Knucklers club. Captain David Bernier could be seen on the bench, talking to all of his fellow teammates after the goal. Whatever he said sparked the club as Johansson, Troschinsky and himself each scored to end the period. Pith 1 - Knucklers 3

Period 2, despite the Pith getting the only 2 penalties of the period, the Pith pushed back to get the game within one goal. Brad Snetsinger was the man of the period with a goal and an assist. Rising star Lenni Huokonen of the Knucklers answered back to keep his team up by one. Pith 3 - Knucklers 4

The third period had it all... the Knuckers scored two early goals, giving them a 3 goal lead. But as GM Lada stated, The Pith aren't to be taken lightly. His words spoke truth as Tom Pratt and Jeff Kruesel with his second goal of the game, brought it back to just a goal. But all was said and done, Peter Brady on the PP solidified the win. Alexander Smirnov made Bill Burega pay the price at 16:59 when Bill drove hard to the net, knocking down the netminder Gorovikov. Gloves were dropped, and Smirnov, gave Burega a piece of Knucklers toughness taking him down with the good old one, two, uppercut. Pith 5 - Knucklers 7 FINAL

Captain David Bernier spoke to us after the game.
Interviewer, " So, what sparked your club, we all want to know what you said after the Pith's first goal ".
Bernier, " Basically I told the guys to take it up a notch... and they listened. So did I ".

With game one in the books, the Knucklers coach gave the club a 30 minute skate this morning with defensive drills being the main focus.

Game 1 to the Knucklers.... this truly was all heart. This club wants to show that they did in fact make #1 in the Conference by being a hard nosed, never give up club. They did. I'm Don Slappin reporting, saying if you didn't win, it was a slappin. Game 2 tonight.
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