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MessagePublié: 25 Août 2017, 10:22
par Montreal GM
With only 7 games left of the season, the Montreal Canadiens have hit the wrong time to go into a slump with only 1 win in their last 8 games with a squeak out win against the Boston Bruins, the team is trying to figure out where the problems lie as they are looking to win 2 more games to clinch a playoff spot.
Jared Bradley:
We are not playing bad, it just seems we are not getting the bounces like we did at the first of the season. The games seem close all the way, other teams just seem to have an extra step on us. It's better to get all this out now that the post season.

The Canadiens will continue there play this weekend against the Wind Wings and Bulls. A win in either of those games and a lost by the Bruins will ensure a playoff seed for the Habs